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Notes: We interviewed Steve Newcomb and learned how he hires and manages top talent. Steve has founded several companies, including Powerset, which was acquired by Microsoft and ultimately became the underlying technology behind Microsoft Bing. In 2010, after having sold Powerset to Microsoft, Steve wrote Cult Creation—one of the best guides to hiring and management at startups. Today, he's releasing an updated version of Cult Creation with all the lessons he's learned from running his current company. In this episode, Steve shares his favorite advice to founders from Cult Creation and talks about what additional lessons he's learned over last six years.
This was really great honest look at a multi-company entreprenuer's ups and downs.
I thought this was really insightful where one man pours out his beliefs in a way that really credits his way of hiring and running a company. @tylerwillis would have worked better if you could break this podcast into episodes. The sheer durations would put off many people. Suggesting this because genuinely this content need to reach many more people.