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I personally love my Moto360 and, after having used the Apple Watch for a spell, I'm convinced Google gets the UI side of a wearable better than Apple does, which for some will be a shock. The relatively-limited affordances in Wear actually make it a much more usable wearable experience than the overly-complex and numerous interactions — and app designs — on the Apple Watch. Here's hoping Google continues to iterate on the iOS side of things.
I'm really excited about this. I was using an Apple Watch for a few months and felt like it didn't deal with natural language conversations nearly as well as Android Wear does.
Finally! But just realized that it works only on LG Watch Urbane. 😑 Edit: I was wrong. Looks like it works with Moto360 too.
I was really excited about this but things don't look right with Android Wear. My Moto360 survived only 5 hours when paired with Android Wear for iOS while it used to last for a full day with the unofficial Aerlink app.