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Android Wear now works for iOS

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#5 Product of the DayAugust 31, 2015
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Frank Caron
Frank Caron@frankycaron · Product guy and writer at large
I personally love my Moto360 and, after having used the Apple Watch for a spell, I'm convinced Google gets the UI side of a wearable better than Apple does, which for some will be a shock. The relatively-limited affordances in Wear actually make it a much more usable wearable experience than the overly-complex and numerous interactions — and app designs — on the Apple Watch. Here's hoping Google continues to iterate on the iOS side of things.
Ellen Chisa
Ellen ChisaHunterHiring@ellenchisa · Cofounder/CEO,
I'm really excited about this. I was using an Apple Watch for a few months and felt like it didn't deal with natural language conversations nearly as well as Android Wear does.
Karthik K
Karthik K@imkarthikk · CEO of Skcript &
Finally! But just realized that it works only on LG Watch Urbane. 😑 Edit: I was wrong. Looks like it works with Moto360 too.
Siddharth Jaiswal
Siddharth Jaiswal@sdrth_ · Launch and Growth Marketing for Startups
I was really excited about this but things don't look right with Android Wear. My Moto360 survived only 5 hours when paired with Android Wear for iOS while it used to last for a full day with the unofficial Aerlink app.