andcards v2

Coworking space in your pocket

andcards is the coworking space management software that automates routines and allows managers to socialize with customers rather than boring paperwork. Manage customers, book meeting rooms, pay with Stripe, send invoices, and integrate IoT devices.

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Found this app in Korean coworking and actually very happy that the app was in English. So basically withour knowing Korean I could reserme my place . It feels like airbnb for coworking and it is awesome. I hope this becomes popular and other coworkings will start using it. Good Luck!


easy to use interface, push reminders about room booking


membership payment takes too many steps

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Thanks for your comment @furfa! Payment gate requires us to confirm credit card purchase through 3D Secure. After some time we'll turn it off and you'll pay for your membership in just 1 click. Hope this is helpful! 💡
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Use them at my offices


Easy booking, one time door code for meetings, subscription management, payment gateway for buying extra credits, great calendar view


More coworking spaces need to use it

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Thank you Daniel! Our Room Display app is coming really soon so you will be able to see if a room is available from the distance 😉
Hello Product Hunt! Ross, andCards CTO and co-founder here. I always wanted to work at a big company (dreams came true when I got a job offer from Samsung Electronics HQ), but quickly realized that remote and coworking is where real action happens! 🔥 Most coworking spaces have a great interior design, but not that great software. To fix that I used all my energy to build a new tool — andCards. It helps coworking community managers (my friends) to modernize and automate boring routines. This is what I used to build andCards Suite: - nodejs - react - react-native - redux - styled-components (Thx @mxstbr) - babel - eslint - prettier ( - webpack Follow me on [Twitter]( and on a [Github]( 🙏 Would love to get your feedback about our product! Ready to answer any questions :)
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Agregation of coworking places is great idea!

this is good example of c2b service (aka for ex.)


Easy to find available coworking and order membership. Filter by location, rating, size, price, range of services and etc. Very valueble DB


Need to make it as standard worldwide service. Currently covers only few countries

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Thank you! Thanks to our b2b product we can actually provide great customer experience and allow room reservations and membership purchases right on a website. 😉

Love the product, very useful


Easy and smooth


Didn't fild

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Thx Andriy!