AND CO Desktop App

A free app to track time, tasks, and run a freelance career.


AND CO from Fiverr offers free business software for freelancers & studios. Invoicing, contracts, proposals, expense tracking, time tracking and task management for freelancers and studios. You can now track your time and tasks faster with AND CO's desktop app for Mac and Chrome. Save time, keep track of everything and increase your productivity.

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7 Reviews4.3/5

I started playing around with the plug in and the app and love the use for it. I have a million litter tasks and the timer also helps me stay on track with my tasks.


Extremely useful tool to knock out little items and then using the timer to really see how edficient you are with the big stuff.


Can’t think of any right now

Has made time tracking much simpler for me!


Start tracking your time based on tasks (easier than finding the tab you have open). Click the icon to see how long you've spent on a task.


None yet!