AMP Templates

Beautiful, responsive AMP templates. Builder included. is a collection of AMP templates from all over the web. The project is aimed at making beautiful templates & AMP technology accessible for all. It also includes a very early stage drag and drop AMP template builder.

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These templates are free to download ?
@shreyaa_ratra Yes! Feel free to download, edit, share or use on your website.
@edisonjoao6871 AMP is an open source project primary built by Google for faster web experience. Check out for more
Are these solo template? Or can be integrated with existing WordPress theme.
@socially You can download and integrate with your Wordpress theme as every AMP template is divided into sections and each section can be integrated into existing AMP WP themes with necessary CSS and AMP JS files.
@yomeshgupta Thanks for the reply, does this work with non AMP WP themes?
@socially Yes. AMP pages are just HTML pages only. So, HTML code which is non-AMP can be copied and integrated into non-AMP WP themes. You can use everything into WP theme too then just convert tags like amp-img to img and so on. P.S. If this project helps you in any way then kindly do share, tweet and spread the word! Thanks!
@yomeshgupta thanks for more clarification. Will try out this.

Do let me know if you are interested in AMPTEMPLATES.COM or AMPPLUGINS.COM or other first-hour premium domain names for this solution. I want to contribute/partner to this project this premium domain names. Drop me a PM! Keep up the great work. AMP will take over :-)


Great idea! Mobile web is king


Not much

No offense, but how is that any better than ? There you take your source site and simply convert it to AMP.