Amazon Scout

A machine learning Pinterest competitor. Shop with 👍or 👎.


Amazon Scout helps you find the products you love. Like or dislike products to narrow down products in furniture, bedding, fashion, and more.

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Del Williams
Alex Pavtoulov
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  • Claire Lovell
    Claire LovellSenior Product Manager, BRD

    Cool idea


    Doesn't work

    I wanted to like this, but when I liked just 3 items I ended up getting a feed with 3 of the same item! I think it needs a little more work. For a retailer with so many items, there's really no reason to display the same item multiple times. Amazon in general needs a massive overhaul of search and discovery on their site. I usually find thing I want to buy from other places, and then look them up on Amazon manually and specifically. Frustrating!

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  • Winson
    WinsonBitcoin @

    Same old Amazon


    Boring to use.

    Please don't compare this with Pinterest. Don't try to amazonize everything

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  • Pros: 

    Improves UX of finding an item with hard to describe visual features


    Only few categories, limited selection, relies on visual features only.

    Too early to release. Made me go and try out Pinterest :)

    Alex Pavtoulov has used this product for one day.