Amazon Prime Rewards Card

Get 5% cashback on all Amazon purchases 💳

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Nate Ritter
Michael Musgrove
  • Michael Musgrove
    Michael MusgroveMarketing guy.

    The discounts offered and ability to earn points to use on Amazon purchases saves a ton of $ on Amazon and elsewhere.


    The interest rate isn't anything to get excited about.

    I've saved hundreds of dollars using this card. You can make it your default card on Amazon and also use it for gas, groceries and other common purchases to get significant discounts over time. The trick is to keep the balance at 0 because the interest rate isn't great. I've never gotten excited about a credit card but this one is really great, since I shop on Amazon a LOT and that's 5% off, plus the points I earn for using it really add up, to use to buy more junk.

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