AR view lets you view products in your home before you buy them. You can see how they fit, and test how they look. Curious whether a throw pillow is the right shade of blue, or whether a mixer you like will fit under the counter? Now just pull out your phone to find out.

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Kyle HessFintech Product Manager
Amazon doing this feels like a game changer, right?
Shruti Kaushik
Marketing person
This is seriously awesome. I was trying to purchase a bean bag online a few days back but couldn't decide which size would be right. Hope to get the Android release soon. 😁
Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
This is going to be the next step of digitalization. Now we don't need to rely on going to the store.
Eder Y. Elom KWASIFounder of BookGrid
@kydyzyx you are so right
Chris Messina
#1 Product Hunter! 🏆
@kydyzyx considering Amazon barely has IRL retail, this is leapfrogging that whole era of commerce!
Rudy Lee
Head of Global Business @Zepeto
Jack Kim
Founder @ Ember Labs

Super excited about the potential of it. Might be a gimmick that dies out in a few months but will be hugely useful when we have a more available, comfortable AR medium that's always on us (holding up phone won't cut it).


Great way to see 360 degree detail / closeup of the product that I otherwise can't from images.


Would take a while before every item can be digitized and viewable.

Joshua Pinter
Product at CNTRAL. Maker of ntwrk.
How does Amazon determine the 3D models of the objects? Are they provided by the vendor or do they generate a 3D model themselves somehow?
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