Monitor Instagram influencers with custom alerts 😻

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Stay on top of new opportunities with ongoing, meaningful insights about the Instagram Influencers that matter most to your brand.

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Benjamin K
Benjamin KMaker@benjamost · Product @ GAN Integrity
Hi PH 🐱, After having upvoted around 500 products through the last few years, I’m now ready to finally bring something to the PH table myself with a hobby project of mine. Amasome is an Instagram tool that gives you ongoing, meaningful insights about the Instagram influencers that matter most to your brand. As many brands follow and are being followed by thousands of people this tool simply allows you to focus on and get news about the people that really count. The type of alerts include: ✓ Brand alerts ✓ Trending post alerts ✓ Keyword alerts ✓ Hashtag alerts ✓ Competitor alerts ✓ Collaboration alerts ✓ Relationship alerts There are many influencer tools on the market and I have been through a couple of product iterations. In the end, I decided to cut a bunch of functionality and instead go simple focusing on this one use case with influencer alerts. Please take it for a spin - ✨you can add and monitor 5 influencers with unlimited alerts completely free✨ I would love some feedback and I’m happy to answer any questions that you might have!🙌🚀