A robust vector drawing app for Mac

Amadine is a new vector drawing app for Mac with perfectly balanced UI that guarantees smooth workflow and quick learning. It is perfect for illustrations, designing websites, user interface, laying out flyers and brochures, creating logos and icons.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Thanks, Alex! I'm elated at the honor to present Amadine to my fellow Product Hunters! Amadine is here to bring fun and intuitiveness to both professional and amateur illustrators. There's everything a graphic designer needs wrapped in an uncluttered and intuitive interface, every feature and tool is clear and easily accessible. Free Trial is available from the website - try out all the scope of functionality in one go. Make use of the ultimate vector graphic design software for colorific illustrations, mockups, UI and web design. The price is pleasant for all who know what a professional app is worth. Our step-by-step tutorials help you start from scratch with next to no knowledge of the drawing apps. We'll be happy to answer all your questions!
Really impressive. Well done. Looking forward to seeing this on iPad.
iOS version is in the development. We have hopes that it will come this year.
@alex_romanchykov Hi Alex, will the iOS version support SVG export in your first release? Would like to know before I buy this.
@amos_gyamfi We consider SVG export as a must-have functionality. We will do our best to have it in first release.
This looks so dope, great job folks! 👏👏👏 Really hoping the iOS version will be able to run projects made on macOS and vice-versa.
This looks very interesting. Great job, guys!
Is it compatible with macOS Catalina?
@serge_savenko Oops, sorry did miss your question, Serge. Yes, it does.