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Kimmo Brunfeldt
Kimmo BrunfeldtMaker@kimmobrunfeldt · Co-founder, Alvar Carto
Hi everyone! We just launched our first startup and web shop. We realise that this is not the first service where you can order custom map posters (shoutout to Mapiful, Grafomap, City Map Retro Posters and YourOwnMaps) but we wanted to have these type of posters for ourselves with different style, color and font combinations. These maps were built as a hobby at first, but we quickly noticed that a lot of our friends were asking if they could get one too. After making custom orders manually for a while, we decided to found a real company and sell our posters worldwide. There are a lot of different style, font and color options and the maps are very detailed as we are generating them with our own infrastructure. We hope you like them and tell us what you think! PS. We made a promotion code for you, it’s WELOVEPH.