Alterra Answer Bot for Slack

Access company's knowledge right in Slack. Just ask the bot!

Access your corporate knowledge base or wiki right in Slack, in an intuitive, conversational way. Just ask the bot questions, in plain English, as if you are asking a teammate.
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3 Reviews5.0/5
Hi Product Hunters 👋 We are excited to be here again to share our new integration: please meet Alterra Answer Bot for Slack. We have built the Slack integration to save your team from wasting valuable time searching for information in siloed databases or asking around. Alterra Answer Bot for Slack combines our natural language understanding technology with your beloved communication tool to create an intuitive knowledge discovery experience for your team. Simply ask the bot your questions, in plain English, as if you are asking a teammate. Unlike people who are often too busy, the bot is always available and instantly answers team members’ questions using data that already exists in the company’s knowledge base. Some key highlights: ✅ Powered by our Deep Learning - based NLP Engine, the bot understands the meaning of your questions. With up to 90% precision, it’s the most accurate answer bot on the market; ✅ The bot learns on the fly. You can teach it right in Slack by converting select Slack messages to new FAQ articles; ✅ Never answer the same question twice: the bot can answer repetitive questions on request; ✅ Code-free setup is easy and intuitive even for non-technical people Please check it out here and let us know what you think! We invite everyone to try Alterra Answer Bot for Slack and find out how it can facilitate access to your company’s knowledge and boost the productivity of your team. You can even try it out for free. We’d be happy to get your feedback and answer questions.
It would be great if the bot could connect to Confluence on the other end. But it's pretty awesome already 👏
@mkamenkov Thanks Max! We don't have a full integration with Confluence at the moment, but you can export your Confluence to our system.
Definitely worth a try!
A nice alternative of Search in our wiki. Can it perform logical operations?
@pavel_veinik1 Thanks Pavel! We are a natural-language answering system so you shouldn't bother with logical operations, just ask a question 😄

Our company was very excited to test the product. It really helped out with all the general HR and office-related inquiries from the employees taking some pressure off the front desk. More departments are eager to test the product too.


Easy integration, great results, very friendly in use.


Team access would be very convenient for us.