Gorgeous OS X note-taking app with Evernote integration.

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This is fantastic. It's what I wish Evernote actually was instead of the bloated behemoth it has become.
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@shpigford yeah. Now Evernote does chat, presentations and even sells socks. WTF?! My one issue with this app is that I don't want to grant full access to my Evernote data.
@shpigford @andrewwarner When writing down great ideas the need for socks, does arise occasionally.
@andrewwarner @shpigford Evernote sells stocks?! LoL, that's a new one. Would love to see the user research that led to the development of that feature...
Hello guys! It's a great pleasure for our team to be featured here. Thanks a lot for your support. I'm happy to answer any questions on Alternote.
@sasharakovets are you guys planning on making an iOS version? Also - would really love to see keyboard shortcuts integrated into the app (i.e., 'J' and 'K' to move up and down in list of notes, something to toggle the sidebar, new note, etc.)
@gioismeyo Yes, we do, but without clear timeframe, as the current top priority is stable release on Mac. We're going to give another shot on our keymap before the release.
@gioismeyo @sasharakovets Please also include shortcuts for separation lines, checkboxes, bullets, current date, ...
@sasharakovets giving a new (though very nice looking) app full access to my Evernote by logging in directly in the app feels a little scary. Any way to address this?
If this would only have Markdown support 😍 Really beautiful Mac App.
@boettges We have Markdown in roadmap for version 2. Stay tuned ;)
Great hunt! Can't wait for an iOS release.
Such an amazing Evernote client! I really like the Evernote Mac app (personally) but I immediately switched to Alternote in all of 5 minutes