Comments on “Alternote
Josh Pigford@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
This is fantastic. It's what I wish Evernote actually was instead of the bloated behemoth it has become.
✎ Andrew Warner@andrewwarner
@shpigford yeah. Now Evernote does chat, presentations and even sells socks. WTF?! My one issue with this app is that I don't want to grant full access to my Evernote data.
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · Director of Product @ Rocket Internet
@shpigford @andrewwarner When writing down great ideas the need for socks, does arise occasionally.
Lauren L Perfors@laurenlperfors · President of Lawton Digital
@andrewwarner @shpigford Evernote sells stocks?! LoL, that's a new one. Would love to see the user research that led to the development of that feature...