Gorgeous OS X note-taking app with Evernote integration.

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Oleksandr Rakovets'
@sasharakovets · Co-founder, Alternote
Hello guys! We're finally out of beta, you can purchase Alternote on the Mac App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id9...


Josh Pigford
@shpigford · Founder of Baremetrics, maker of beards.
This is fantastic. It's what I wish Evernote actually was instead of the bloated behemoth it has become.
Oleksandr Rakovets'
@sasharakovets · Co-founder, Alternote
Hello guys! It's a great pleasure for our team to be featured here. Thanks a lot for your support. I'm happy to answer any questions on Alternote.
If this would only have Markdown support 😍 Really beautiful Mac App.
Shahed Khan
@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom. Prev @ Upfront VC
Great hunt! Can't wait for an iOS release.
Nikunj Kothari
@nikunj · Senior PM, Shyp
Such an amazing Evernote client! I really like the Evernote Mac app (personally) but I immediately switched to Alternote in all of 5 minutes