Alt-Right => White Nationalism chrome extension

Replaces mentions of 'alt-right' with more accurate terms

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Jireh Hinton@jireh_hinton
i think this is a good idea, but the danger is that anyone legitimately not a white nationalist but not a member of the traditional right will be lumped in with them. This would be akin to an app that replaces "leftist" with "communist". The even greater damage is that this app essentially puts fingers in the ears, blocking out voices that are dissimilar, and AGAIN silos people to only hear or see what they want. I don't know that it helps anything. I think we've seen the damage that this kind of thing can do already. I appreciate the hard work that goes into building an app, and laud your efforts for change, but ask you to consider the actual effects this has. We must stop dealing in mutual exclusives. Life doesn't work that way.
Sam BauchHunter@sammybauch · Maker
This simple chrome extension replace the term "alt-right" with the less euphemistic and more accurate phrase "white nationalism" After seeing a flood of products on PH over the last year plus that normalized Donald Trump and treated him as a joke, I'm happy to see and hunt more products that seek to make a difference.
Luke@lukedeannif · Health IT Entrepreneur
@sammybauch Please tell the world how this extension of yours is making a difference.
Sam BauchHunter@sammybauch · Maker
@lukedeannif It's pretty simple really. Non-descript terms hide meaning, and calling anything "alternative to X" is incredibly non-descript. Consider energy. "Alternative Energy" isn't a great term for things like solar or wind power - calling those "Renewable Energy" sources is more accurate, and carries more conceptual weight. Does that make sense to you? As an aside, I didn't build this, so it isn't mine. And it's pretty clear your comment is more about what impact this extension will actually have on the world. That remains to be seen; the answer is probably very little, but that wouldn't make it any different from 99% of the things hunted on PH. But hey, keep on trolling!
Luke@lukedeannif · Health IT Entrepreneur
@sammybauch I asked a fair, simple question, but if that is trolling to you that's your call. Changing actual headlines, actual text that is written by other people or institutions, is not helpful. What this feeds into is the general problem with our country, which is that no one can face opposition or opposing views (you just provided a nice example of that with your response to my question). I think the Alt-Right movement is despicable, but replacing headlines that refer to Alt-Right in a way that the owners of this "product" subjectively feel is inaccurate will only negatively affect our country. 1. Obviously, it obscures the truth. 2. It helps people avoid ideas and movements they don't like. This will not "make a difference" unless the difference you are alluding to is a negative, unhelpful difference in which case you are very right.
Sam BauchHunter@sammybauch · Maker
@lukedeannif let me ask 2 simple questions of you so we might get to a better shared understanding here. 1. You posit that this extension obscures "the truth". Do you believe that any headline or text on the internet is "the truth" because it is published on the internet? 2. You call the maker's belief that "White Nationalist" is more accurate than "Alt-Right" a subjective claim. Do you believe "Alt-Right" is a more accurate term for the ideology it describes than "White Nationalist"?
Rahul RamchandHiring@rahulr047 · Botmonster 🔥
@sammybauch @lukedeannif I have to agree somewhat with Luke here. Even though, I do not agree with what the extension does per say; I think it is completely fine that such a chrome extension exists, cause at the end of the day people can/should make whatever the fuck they want. But I am just imagining if someone were to create an extension that replaced "feminists" with "sexists" or the "left" with "transgenders" whether it would be accepted as easily as this extension or even remotely seen on the home page. My two cents - make whatever you want. But let's avoid the double standard. Which is kind of the annoying part (and the reason why the alt-right exists) P.S The alt-right consists of a lot of colored people. Just do some research :)
Kristen Rayford@kristen_rayford
Word replacer already exist this is just silly politics and lazy programming