Mine and visualise People Also Asked questions from Google will take your search term and show you what other questions “people also ask”. It will then dig deeper and show you visually how each level of questions is topically grouped with the next. Image and CSV export available.
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2 Reviews5.0/5
Solid content ideation tool that's great for working at scale. None better than this niche but invaluable tool for finding user question data.
This easily fell into our keyword selection process. We have a number of filters that helps us sort through a large number of keywords including searcher intent. If it passes all of that, the editorial team uses the paa module to help determine the scope/angle of our article. Using the AlsoAsked site is a much better visual representation to see the levels rather than the infinite linear view that Google provides. I'm a fan.
@david_denton2 Thanks, David - that's really nice feedback.
Thank you @thetafferboy for AlsoAsked. I have been using this in my WordPress site to add FAQs block using Yoast SEO. Awesome Tool. Upvoted !!!
@suraj1kc great, glad you are finding it useful to use with FAQs!
After answerthepublic I found this one very helpful for question research. Awesome job done. Congratulations!!!
@mdmejbahulalam we are big fans of ATP :)
This is a very useful tool to quickly get a feel for the kind of questions people have around a topic. As soon as it came out it became part of my Query Research process. Thanks @thetafferboy and your team for building this!