Alpaca Data API

Free real-time stock market data API

#2 Product of the DayMay 11, 2020
Alpaca Data API is your new go-to data API for building trading apps & algorithmic trading strategies and is free to use. It provides real-time stock price data with up to 99.95% price accuracy compared to well-known expensive consolidated market data feeds.
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Hey Product Hunt -- I am co-founder/CEO at Alpaca, and excited to have @hnshah hunt this for us! Read on for the details... We have worked to make the Alpaca Data API your go-to data API for building your algorithmic trading strategies or trading/investing applications, and it’s free to use🤩 _____ The Alpaca Data API provides real-time stock price data with up to 99.95% price accuracy* compared to other expensive consolidated market data feeds. Alpaca Data API benefits: --- 🤓 5 Stock Exchanges, up to 99.95% Price Accuracy* 🔌 True Streaming Market Data via Websockets 🧰 Large Historical Data Set 📊 Customizable bar data What can I use this for: --- Alpaca Data API is designed for makers and developers to build trading/investing applications and algorithmic trading strategies. • Several thousands of makers and developers are already active on the Alpaca platform and slack community • Alpaca offers both paper trading and live trading environment (securities are offered by Alpaca Securities LLC) through Alpaca Trading API • Alpaca Data API works extremely seamlessly with the Alpaca Trading API How can I get it: --- Go through the ProductHunt link to sign up for an Alpaca account, so that you can access Alpaca Data API. It is available for all Alpaca users, regardless of having live trading accounts or country of residence!👍 (*as measured using 10-second snapshots of the Alpaca Data API last price vs. the SIP last price)
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@yokokawa244 when will options trading be available?
@william_gendron thanks for your question, it is on the roadmap, but not yet for the year of 2020 unfortunately... you don't trade US stocks but only options?
@yokokawa244 Thank you for the reply. I invest a portion of my capital in stocks for the long term but my active trading is only in options.
@william_gendron that makes sense, thanks for the feedback! we will keep that in our mind :)
A free API for real-time stock market data. Can't wait to see what makers build with this!
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@hnshah Thanks for hunting this :) This product is really for the builders who want to get involved in the stock market as a developer without paying!
I’m curious to see how many developers on ProductHunt do algo trading or how many of them knew it was easy to start Doing so in minutes....
@datarade great point Kumar! we hope that with this Data API along with the staging environment (paper trading) on Alpaca makes this even easier to build lots of trading bots on US stock trading!
Cool updates....Looking forward to try
@kalyan_stock Thank you Kalyan! Pls keep us posted how it goes!! Are you planning to build trading algos or apps?
I'm all in - I assume this replaces your previous set of apis you provided from another vendor - that worked well, I'm sure this will be even better. Thanks guys!!
@moodboom thank you Michael! Looking forward to hearing how it goes! How are you using the data API for usually, algo trading or building apps?