Alpaca API for Algorithmic Trading

Commission-free short selling & margin trading w/ 3.75% rate

Alpaca Trading API is a simple REST API that allows you to buy, sell, and short U.S. stocks with zero commissions with pre market & after hours trading access and business account on-boarding. Learn more at
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Hi PH, Yoshi at Alpaca here. The last time I posted I introduced Alpaca - the first commission-free stock trading API for developers. After nine months of designing and testing, I’m now excited to introduce Alpaca API for Algo trading. With Alpaca API for Algo Trading you get: - Commission-free short selling: Giving you the ability to run long/short or market neutral strategies. - Margin trading with 3.75% margin rate: Offering a 3.75% margin interest rate, providing you affordable leverage for up to 4X intraday & 2X overnight buying power. - Pre-market & after-hours trading: You can trade outside of Regular Trading Hours. We offer 9:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Time. - Business account onboarding: This is for those of you who operate or are starting a proprietary trading firm or hedge fund.
Looks great! Congrats on the launch 🔥
Love it! Congrats on the launch!!
Congrats on the launch, and I'm so glad that you are providing us real APIs from the modern age, rather than the 1990s APIs that currently exist at the old school firms.
@djmojorisin1 Thanks Kanish!! I know right, we have to update the industry :)
I love this!! Trading for hackers 😎
@paulkoullick Thank you for your support Paul!! Yes for hackers!!