A completely new way to talk people around you.

#1 Product of the DayMarch 17, 2020
A complete new experience of talking with people around you that was born out of necessity. We changed some stuff because of the situation the world is going through and we think it could be helpful. Try it and let us know what you think. The code is: HUNT2020
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Why? There is a fusion between the off-line world and the on-line world in some products most of us use, and some of them are good the first time just like Uber. A lot of things on the internet are broken. Social media is one of them, not only because of the business model they choose but because big tech companies won’t tell us everything. So we saw this new ecosystem. So necessary at some points, even though unexplored. From the idea and the decision to make it: one day. To the design: two days. To the whole structure and functionality: three more days. To the AppStore: less than 30 days. Now it was supposed to be four weeks of testing that way we can start spreading the word. 1st weekend a bar, did an update, 2nd, and 3rd weekend two parties. People loved it, people used it, It was pretty cool cause it worked. So the noise began. Flights and really really crazy things made us spend more time than we want, and the deadline, that was only 2 months away from the most important project in our lives, it was gonna start to become more. Then, the Coronavirus came. So this is proximity based total privacy and social platform. People are gonna be alone, in their buildings and homes so we think this could be useful. Nobody knows how or when this will end but it could help someone while they are isolated talking people near them. Besides the potential help, it will always be a totally free platform and we will be developing new features by request if requested. That way we can focus on what we want and leave this a hobby and as an open platform in case it could be helpful for someone. This is the code to get access: HUNT2020 It will last 24hs. After that, each user will have 10 unique invitations codes so we can control the growth and not spend too much money. If you wanna try it, do it with people around so you can feel the magic and feel a unique experience between the online world and the offline world. Thanks.
@alexheikel App store says not avail anymore. Know why this is happening?
@alexheikel yep, can't access it in the app store today
@brad_helmink yeah apple took us down, don't know why? I Will let you know when it is available again.
@thesameerk apple removed us from the store we don’t know why! Will let you know when available again.
@thesameerk hey Sameer it’s available in the AppStore again. Use the same code, will work for the next 24hs. thanks!
Seems like a cute idea although I doubt that people in my vicinity are using it. Is this supposed to be a dating app? That's what the name suggests. By the way, the thin and light colored font on your landing page is very hard to read, at least on mobile.
@anna_0x yeah we just launched, and yeah, it started like a dating app, now we are making it totally free and see how people use it and if they use it and if can help some people that are isolated so they can talk people around them for any particular thing. Will fix the landing. Thanks!
It's really good product I like it's service. It's look a better product to talk people around you and after changing it becomes more helpful and effective.
@aryan50228930 Thanks! Yeah we think people can really take advantage of this on different situations. Let me know if you are able to test it out with someone.
Hey, Will it be available worldwide? Asking from Kenya
@nick_bonnie it is. Download it and try it with someone around you.
@nick_bonnie hey Nick it’s available in the AppStore again. Use the same code, will work for the next 24hs. thanks!
Really with this situation due to the pandemic that is invading the world, these innovations that you bring this super great are very good friends