Managing tabs in Chrome was never so easy

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I made AllTabs for personal use keeping in mind various aspects while browsing: 1) Save all your browsing data, with the appropriate time. 2) Open saved tabs directly with this chrome extension. 3) This chrome extension helps to save your PC battery, as well as your time. Now you don't need to remember, what, where and at what time you browsed just use AllTabs for the same.
@milo_ I use Toby all the time. What's the difference?
Very nice and useful. However, regarding the permission that AllTabs requires "Read and change all your data on the websites you visit", is there another way to do this without requiring this permission? I've rarely had a good experience with extensions that require this permission.
@n_i_m_a In order to read all open tabs url we need this permission. Your data is secure with this extension. All the sessions will be store in your local memory. If you are afraid you can see the code of any chrome extension.
@jiten_bansal Thanks for the quick response. I wasn't aware that this kind of permission is needed. Was hoping something less intrusive would have done the job. I'm comfortable with your extension at this moment. It's the future updates that worry me. As you are aware, once these genere of extensions become famous and having these kind of permission/access, sometimes the developers/teams behind them decide to change direction. Some very intrusively (no intentions saying you'll be doing this, just sharing my concern). Keep up the good work :)
Looks great and have downloaded to test. However, I use "The Great Suspender" as I"m a tab monkey (hence something like this being useful for me) and it helps with my memory consumption. All Tabs doesn't seem to recognise any tabs that are currently suspended. I know this is probably V1.0 and it's great, but just wondering if this was any easy fix, or if something that couldn't be worked around? Thanks for sharing!
Thanks @jonnotie for hunting AllTabs