Alldocube X

Tablet for high quality entertainment

Alldocube X is a high performance/Super AMOLED display/Hi-Fi sound/Ultra-slim design/Android 8.1/Fingerprint unlock tablet.

Nikolai Lebedovsky
  • Nikolai Lebedovsky
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    Features. Tech Specs. Price.


    Not so well known manufacturer - risks.

    Comparison chart looks great, especially at the Indiegogo special price $219.

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I think if this device was 13 in or maybe 18in it would have a chance. There is nothing unique, calling it... A flop. It is not even wide screen... This is a money grab and run.
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This looks like an ambitious project, not easy to pierce through such a dense (and top heavy) market (go long tail ;)). It looks like you did a good job of choosing which specs to prioritize (especially the screen) for the affordable-end market of entertainment-centric tablets. I would Just recommend changing the name to something a little more enticing. Alldocube X sounds a bit gimmicky in my eyes, my advice is to keep the name minimalist. Maybe something like (And I might sound stupid but...) The Cube, or Cube X or something like that. Otherwise, I wish you the best of luck!
Looks nice, best of luck getting into a market that's not doing so well. My only issue is with the space provided. This is being sold a high quality device for media, and yet it gives me only 64GB of space which is not much... high quality media means bigger files. The 4gb of memory also seems small for a bigger device, new phones have more memory than that.