All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick

The most powerful streaming media player now with Alexa

All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick is a new generation streaming media stick with Alexa voice remote. Now you can play games, listen to music, stream movies or enjoy the access to many other features. Just plug it in, connect to the Internet and let the fun in!

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I wish they would put Prime on the Apple TV.
@bradenhamm but they never will.
@chrismessina Yea, I'll just have to keep Airplaying from my iPad :(
I just got the new Apple TV... and honestly I don't know why I went for that over an Amazon Fire stick or Chromecast
@bentossell I got the Apple TV 4th gen when it came out but got Prime shortly after (for Grand Tour, more of my favourite movies/series than Netflix & next day delivery), so went for the Fire TV stick & prefer it over Apple! Now it has Alexa integration, I'm pleased!
@gadgick I just got an Echo Dot and Prime too haha.... oh well!
@bentossell Maybe get the Fire TV Stick as well? 🙉 Haha! I got the Echo on release date, thinking about getting a Dot to put in my bedroom...
@bentossell we bought Apple TV, too. But we are still huge cable fans in addition to Netflix, Hulu, YouTube et al.
The new Fire TV interface is gorgeous. Apple has nothing on the Fire TV in my opinion.
How did the name "Amazon Fire TV Stick" make it to market? Baffled.
Let me guess... not available outside North America, right?!