Deadlines, categories, and prices for design competitions is a resource of design competitions to help you discover and plan design awards.

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No reviews yet (ALOA) started as I was looking around for competitions to submit work for my design studio. I noticed there was no independent catalog of competition companies. Studios in my area were submitting to competitions, but some award companies didn't seem reputable enough to spend the time submitting to. I want my awards to mean something, not just have a pretty name. ALOA, in part by making awards quickly accessible to all, makes them perform better by turning the spotlight on them. ALOA is not just promoting competitions; we are driving more designers to them — making the work submitted better and better. As a student, I was never told about award opportunities. ALOA is my way of telling as many students as possible that their work can win awards and open up opportunities from recognition of their hard work. Deep down, ALOA is committed to nurturing a competitive design community for individuals and companies. Future Congrats, Colin
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