Publish multilingual content with your team

Aligner is a simple tool for teams to create reliable content in different languages much faster.
Create and publish multilingual content in minutes by getting team, collaboration and machine translation in one place.
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Nazari "Naz" Goudin
Co-Founder of Aligner
Hi everyone, thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! Please meet Aligner - an online tool that brings together machine translation, simultaneous editing, and collaboration in one place. At my previous job, I had to translate and keep content in 5 different languages always aligned. At one point it required most of my work time. Dozens of folders on Google Docs and emails with translators. Today, we launched Aligner for teams who create multilingual marketing content such as blogs, tutorials, email templates, etc. Features available in Aligner (free for next 30 days): - Use instant machine translation, powered by Google V3 - Invite people and assign roles - Edit all together to make it sound native - Apply styles, add images and gifs in all languages with one click - Publish to the subdomain (share or add to your web) The cherry on top is the ease of updating already published content. It brought a smile on the first user's face. As well as publishing directly to your web, never touching the code. We are super eager to hear your feedback :)
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Highly recommend! The translations are superior and it makes cross team collaboration seamless!
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Rando Rannusstartup enthusiast & investor
Really easy to use service for lokalising content across different languages
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Great product! Easy and efficient tool for managing content in more than one languages in parallel. I do recommend.
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Very good tool for managing and translating content.
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