A DVR for your life

Interesting concept. I want something like this for my Mac. Use case is when testing software if a bug is found you can save the screen recording from the past 10 minutes to help with reproducing the bug. Still yet to find anything.
@tompedals I'd love to know if you find something that does that - would be incredibly handy.
@tompedals some of the cloud ide's have this functionality. i haven't used any of them much, but i know that icloud9 has a fully rewindable environment. also, just thinking out loud here, there might be something emmet related for sublime text. emmet is pretty badass and one day hope to fully pimp out the functionality. just some thoughts.
@tompedals that's fantastic idea!
Kinda reminds me of episode 3 of Black Mirror:
Thanks Ryan! We wanted to turn phones into body cameras, or DVR's for our lives. We worked hard to keep it unobtrusive, and to minimize battery consumption. Hopefully this can keep us all more accountable. Feedback is welcome :)
How does the video capture work? Does it know when the phone is in or out of your pocket? Also how is the audio quality if the phone is in your pocket?
@jameswilsterman Audio quality from the pocket is surprisingly useful. Video still runs while in your pocket, but we're considering an update to run a little computer vision on one frame every few seconds and to pause video capture whenever it seems like the phone is in your pocket (if a frame is pure black).
especially with everything happening recently re: police brutality and putting cameras on cops. who needs lie detectors if everything's recorded? you could just check your alibi :)