Add style changes and translations visually to ANY website.

Aliadoc is a web editing platform for those looking to fine tune their existing Website style and add translations easily. Get started with just a web page URL. Works with ANY website. Try it, it's free.
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Tweaking a website style in almost any CMS or blogging platform beyond what their editors allow is usually painful. Soon you meet template madness: Need to change footer style? change that file, then this stylesheet, save changes, test to see how it looks, repeat. The whole process complicates quickly to the point professional help is needed. This is why we created Aliadoc: to make simple things simple as they should be. Don't know CSS? don't worry it will get generated automatically for you for each change you apply from our editor. Later, an embed code makes the magic happen: Your very unique stylesheet (along with other changes) will be loaded by your page organically from our CDN as fast as it can be, applying your changes with the best performance. Get full access to the platform for free, no trial periods, no fancy forms to fill up. Signup in less than a minute and get started with just the URL of your web page.