Alfred 3

The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

#4 Product of the WeekMay 19, 2016

Alfred is an award-winning app for Mac OS X which boosts your efficiency with hotkeys, keywords, text expansion and more. Search your Mac and the web, and be more productive with custom actions to control your Mac.


 +5 reviews
  • Anna MiroshnichenkoWeb Developer

    Very simple UI, easy to use, speed up my navigation through the many opened apps.



    I cannot imagine how to use Mac without it. Finding apps by name is more convenient for me that do it with standard ways that iOS provides

    Anna Miroshnichenko has used this product for one month.


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Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
So excited for the new release of Alfred! The new Workflow editor looks like it'll make programming your Mac to do your bidding so much better! There's also new snippet expansion, multimedia clipboard, better theming and more.
Jérémie Olivier@jeremie_olivier · Co-founder at Rentork
@chrismessina Awesome ! New Clipboard history is great too !
David Chang@chang2301 · Founder, Ziltag
@chrismessina This looks really awesome!
James Walker@walkah · serial troublemaker
@chrismessina Yeah, I've been using the beta and, sadly (for them), I think it might replace TextExpander
Tom MasieroHiring@blendahtom · GM of LaunchBit
@chrismessina Alfred3 = Zapier for your Mac!
Chris MessinaHunterPro@chrismessina · 🏆 PH Community Member of the Year!
@blendahtom perfect description!
Jean Paul Mugizi@jmugizi · Software Engineer for @18F
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Love this use case (cc @ow):
David Singer@singer · Product person
@rrhoover not taking away from Alfred, but if you use OS X's built-in text replace, it carries over to your other devices. I add a / then whatever. So I can ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ all over the place
Noah Dynbort@ndyno · marketer + entrepreneur
@singer @rrhoover OS X's shortcuts only work in native (safari, mail etc...) apps.
David Singer@singer · Product person
@ndyno @rrhoover I use them everywhere, from Facebook to Tweetbot to Snapchat to Day One to even Clash of Clans. The only app I use across desktop+mobile that blocks them is Slack, and since I start many of my own replacements with / I have a double-whammy against me there. Edit: I should add that Chrome is one of the apps that doesn't play friendly with it, and Slack (desktop) is a wrapper of Electron which is based on Chromium, afaik.
Ananggadipa Raswanto@dipovespo · Co-founder at House of Infographics
@singer @ndyno @rrhoover text replacement is working on slack desktop app, you should enable this, not avaiable in chrome though.
Patrick Thompson@neurohacked
@singer OSX has built in text replacement? Can't believe I didn't know.
Jamie Martin@livejamie · Senior UX/UI at Hi-Rez Studios
One of the best reasons to use a Mac
David Ferguson@jdfwarrior
Alfred is the bee's knees.. the cat's pajamas.. understand? Download it. Get the Powerpack. Do it. Do it now.