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Irving Torres
@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
A tool to be more PC? Although not my cup of tea, I do see this getting a ton of traction in our day and age. Well done.
Jen Looper
@jenlooper · Founder, LadeezFirstMedia
@irvingtorresyc some folks are worried about censorship and 'being PC' but really it's a question of kindness, politeness, and inclusiveness, I believe, to be a little careful about using non-gendered, non-offensive speech. I appreciate @rrhoover 's sensitivity towards the issue, per the Medium article, and am happy I stumbled upon this tool and posted it! Inclusive speech really makes a big difference to the minorities in the (sometimes hostile) tech space. My only concern, @wooorm, is the use of 'their' to indicate the third person singular. I would use 'him or her' or even 's/he' (or maybe just retool the sentence), just to be a little more grammatically correct. What do you think? Again, thanks for Alex!
@wooorm · Developer
@jenlooper I understand the controversy re singular `their`. A lot of people learn it’s bad practise in school, but in fact Shakespear, Hemingway, &c used it too. And, quite important, more people seem to favour the word. Some more info on Alex’s GitHub: