Alethea.AI for DeepFakes

Alethea AI is a marketplace for permissioned AI-generated media (deepfakes). As a Celebrity or Creator you can now create a clone of yourself using our AI and monetize your likeness and voice on our platform.
We're opening up our creator program shortly!
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Fascinating. Where do you see this going long term? Will you work with celebs/brands to get official license to their likeness? That's one way for them to scale their "IP" without doing more work. 🤔
@rrhoover Great question! Yes, faces and voices are IP. They hold a special place in our minds and hearts, and are assets on a talent agency's or Studio's balance sheet. Long-term: We'll have to ask some fundamental questions: 1) What is the value of a face or a voice? How do we capture this value if it can be composable and easily transferable? 2) What is the LTV of a celebrity/careers career (before, during, after their lives)? 3) What underlying infrastructure must exist to facilitate this value transfer at scale? Mid-Term: The pandemic has accelerated the appetite for creators/celebs and brands to try new innovative tools like ours. Short-term: We have a really cool celeb shortly to announce, it'll be fun to see their clone speak Japanese or Bahasa to endorse a product, without having to fly to Indonesia or Japan. Of course it must align with their individual brand and be done with consent. We'll additionally build new synthetic characters, that will take the world by storm!
Hi PH Community, Synthetic Media is the modern day Gutenberg revolution.
@arkhan Congratulations on the launch! Your might be interested in checking out this need gap - 'Deep Fake video generating SW for ethical usage' -
Super interesting product. Excited to see what creators do with this.
The Synthetic Creator Economy is indeed the future :
I think this was the final block to recreating the personalized advertising shown in the movie Minority Report (2002) [20 second clip =]. There's still a ways to go but we can see how the dots get connected.
@gladrobot Indeed James! Thank you for your support!