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#ProductHuntReview: Alertsy came to my attention when @neilbalthaser & team submitted it to botlist. We added it to our Slack channel and it's been a wonderful product to use. I'm very excited to see where Alertsy goes. Neil, are there plans to expand into other conversational bot platforms? What does the future look like?
@sethlouey Hi, Seth. First thanks for listing us on #ProductHuntReview - Alertsy is aimed at small teams who want a better way to stay informed and on top of the news that matters most to them. In that light, we targeted Slack because it fits who we believe is our target customer. We will look at WorkPlace on Facebook and Microsoft Teams but want to see how things go on Slack first. We believe that having a purpose-built bot designed to take advantage of the platform is the right way to go. As for the future, check out this video
It demonstrates some of our thinking and where we may head. While the bot is a bookseller bot you can see the over-arching idea of having a more conversational bot that understands complex concepts.
@neilbalthaser wonder what @ashevat thinks of Alertsy?
Thanks @Sethlouey for the listing. Very excited to get as much user feedback on Alersty. We've worked really hard to make sure our news alerts are relevant and bring the most interesting results.
@barneyp any thoughts about Alertsy or Intellogo in general?
Thank you Product Hunt! It's very exciting to finally share Team Alertsy's work with all of you. The power of Alertsy still astounds us every day. Hope you enjoy using Alertsy as much as we were thrilled building it.