A laptop case that unfolds into a mobile workstation.

Alcove is a mobile workstation for creators.

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I love how sleek and mobile Alcove is. I work remote and I'm always on the go, so I have to be able to focus in weird places sometimes. It's like carrying my office with me wherever I go, and it's not even an extra "thing" to carry because it doubles as a laptop case. And it funnels sound; they worked with acoustics engineers to create side panels that really block outside noise and direct the sounds from your computer right to you, so you can hear even in a busy open office. Noise distraction is such a problem and now I don't even have to wear headphones if I don't want to.
Love the design - slick, professional, and innovative. Great to hear that it cancels out noise. Just wanted to ask if straps can attach to Alcove?
@equinux Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Alcove will come with a shoulder strap.
@yaredakalou Awesome! Thanks for you fast reply.
Excited to share that we launched our Kickstarter campaign live at @TechCrunch #TCDisrupt2017 yesterday. The energy was palpable with lots of promising start up services coming your way in the very near future. Click on the link to see our campaign and let me know if you any questions. We hope to get your support so we can bring Alcove to market.