Albacross 2.0

The only B2B lead generation tool you’ll ever need

#4 Product of the DayJune 19, 2018

Albacross 2.0 is the world's 1st FREE lead generation tool that is officially launched in US, after a test drive in EU. Predicting your possible question, yes, it's 100% GDPR compliant.

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Hey Product Hunt Community. Thanks for checking out the newest version of the Albacross - the world’s 1st free tool for B2B lead generation. For more than 4 years, the Albacross team has strived to develop an effective tool that is easy to use and which provides you with the necessary information you need to turn the visitors on your website into customers. With this tool, you can access information about what companies are visiting your website and their contact details. Inside, you will find a full profile of each lead (company) filled with the necessary business-related data along with the company size, revenue, industry, location, and get email reports when some new leads are meeting your desired criteria. I’m sure I can’t describe everything on this single post, so I’ll be happy to answer all your questions. Check it out here: Best Regards, Marcus.
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@marcus_svensson Happy to be here today with you!
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Hey everyone! As as Co-founder of Albacross, I'm so excited and happy to see all reviews here in the Product hunt community! So first of all, thanks a lot everyone! For me and my team, Albacross is more than just another tech company. Instead of following the conventional path, we set out to to disrupt and fundamentally change the global space for todays B2B companies. Our mission is to democratize B2B lead generation by making information accessible and transparent. We have already begun to disrupt the lead generation market by offering the world’s first free B2B website tracking software. But the journey has only begun! If you have any feature requests or thoughts around product development for our platform - I would be soooo happy if you could share it here. We're developing Albacross every day and our goal is to give the best lead generation platform to the market. And of course, if you haven't tried our platform. Please do it here: Best regards, Viktor
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I have been using the platform for work and for personal use on my own website.

Incredible free tool if one plans to follow up properly with B2B leads.


Free to track your visitors, good data provided and good scoring algorithm


None found

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Using it for year. LOVE IT! For me as lean-driven startuper, it gives me really huge opportunity to close more deals!
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@ruslannaz Thanks for your feedback Ruslan! Makes us so happy that you're a true Albacross fan!
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Looks good!!
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@tomer_aharon Thanks Tomer, how do you like the purple accents? ;)