Nigeria's first fully digital bank that will help you save

I'm hoping that Nigerian prince moves his account there so he stops asking me for help. 😜
@ricotrevisan I always feel so bad for legitimate Nigerian business people. It must be so hard to convince anyone that you're for real.
@rossdcurrie @ricotrevisan We feel bad for ourselves lol. This is always the first thing that comes to mind any time Nigerians are mentioned. We hope to change the narrative soonest... that's if it's possible 😅 utilizes a mobile app that helps you create an account all from the comfort of your phone with your BVN (Bank Verification Number) and phone number with no paperwork. Alat offers up to 10% annual interest on savings. This is more than any other bank in Nigeria.
@ace_kyd With an app like this that makes it so easy to open an account and transfer funds,How do you guys plan to prevent online bank transfer fraud that's very prevalent in Nigeria?
@ace_kyd 10% annual interest sounds fishy to me and not sustainable. How do you explain consistent 10% returns?
@ace_kyd pretty good summary!
@khaliphj @ace_kyd first we have an house team of ethical hackers. We're also working with an independent security firm. So, security is very important to us. We've also implemented some anti-fraud monitoring.
@simplyazodo Does this make it easier for Nigerians like me living in US to get a Nigerian bank account?
Good stuff. I'd been hearing about this app and have been curious to see what it looks like.
@kwamesompimpong please, give it a try and send us your feedbacks... Good and bad. We're looking to improve our product and offerings using your help
After the success of M-Pesa in Kenya I have been keen to see other mobile money/banking products succeed in Africa. What are some of the biggest problems you are trying to solve in Nigeria with this product?
@natmaas we're taking people's pain points in banking and trying to eliminate them. They include having to queue up in a banking hall, filling forms, paying unnecessary fees, being at the mercy of banks/bankers, etc. Simply put, we're leveraging on technology to remove banking pain points
@simplyazodo that's awesome - good luck and great idea!
@natmaas thanks for your kind words! They mean a lot to us
Not bad. Love to try it
@richardjjhayes thanks. Will be glad to hear from you. Please, send us feedbacks.