A digital first insurance provider and marketplace 🇫🇷

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 18, 2019

Alan is a digital first insurance provider and marketplace available in France and soon across Europe. The company wants to create a well-designed insurance product with transparent pricing and policies to make healthcare more accessible.

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Thanks @aaronoleary for hunting Alan! We’re very excited to be featured on Product Hunt! 🙏🏻🙏🏻 We have built Alan to make healthcare intuitively obvious to the whole community. Health insurance is, in France, a very regulated business where incumbents rely on their market position and offer nothing but poor user experience while maintaining opacity around their prices. Alan is the only health insurance to be granted the ACPR agreement since 1986, and intent to refresh a very traditional industry by combining technology and design to build delightful products. We are human-focused and care-driven company. We aim at building a different kind of company based on transparency, trust and care for both our users and our team. In 2016, we set out to transform health insurance by building the first digital-only health insurance in France. In 2018, we have reached 27,000 beneficiaries (+500% vs 2017) and €23m in revenues. We have also broadened our scope and improved significant steps of the healthcare journey with Alan Map (an online map to find doctors close to you), or by implementing telemedicine for our users. We are now looking to nurture our growth by expanding the team and addressing new market segments in France. Thanks to our rapid growth, we have the resources and people to build a truly disrupting product integrating quicker payments, instant quoting and many more features. For us, it’s just the beginning. We are on a mission to build the platform that will be the gateway to the entire healthcare experience.

Alan is a great product for companies looking to raise the bar for their employees' health.


Making Healthcare more simple and intuitive for everyone. 💚


Only in France so far (should change soon!)

One of the best user experiences and customer supports I've ever seen. That's a game changer in this industry.

Alan is transforming the way employees and companies deal with health insurance. It removes all the friction and paperwork in order to provide a delightful user experience ❤️


Great customer support, awesome design. Take a picture and you are reimbursed. That’s easy as ABC.


Not yet in Europe (stay tuned 😉)

Alan is great! It's straightforward, transparent, easy-to-use, and the support is amazing (only had to contact them once for a question when I was switching to Alan with my new company, that was taken care of in 2 minutes from the chat within the app at 8am... I was so shocked in a good way, that it's still the story I tell everyone when I introduce them to Alan today).


- Finally an insurance that's easy to understand - Their customer support is modern and human - It just works(!!)


Nothing to complain about after 1+ years of use.