Aizome Bedding

Organic bedding made with REAL indigo


Tokyo based Startup that makes bed linen using only natural indigo and organic cotton. Aizome Bedding is beautiful, durable and a save alternative to normal bed textiles for people with sensitive skin. Aizome is the Japanese art of dying with natural indigo, cherished for its skin-soothing properties for centuries.

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I am not impartcial as I am working on starting this company. But I can say that I am one of the first tester. I used to work cosmetics company on Japan. It does not make sense how much we spent on cremes and medical treatments for skin, but when it comes to textiles we accept Chemicals in them whose name just made you wonder why they are in consumer products. Being Japanese i am very proud we being this the art of indigo textiles Back. And sleeping in them is wonderful.


Good for skin and environment


it will take until July or august to deliver

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