5-in-1 Personal Airspace Control

AirZen combines 5 technologies for humidity, temperature, air purity, CO2 level, ionization level and even the smell of air. AirZen is designed to become your personal source of fresh air.
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Hi Product Hunters, We are super excited to launch AirZen here. AirZen is an indoor device that improves your quality of life by monitoring and adjusting your personal space air quality and fragrance. Our complex air purifying technology allows you to remove air pollutants, allergens, germs, dust, smoke and unpleasant smells from your environment. With AirZen you will always have a clear mind and the ability to breathe easily. Would love to hear your feedback and questions.
hey, great product. How do I add essential oils in the tank?
@megan_burnette Thanks Megan, AirZen has a specifically designed slot for organic essential oils. You can access it very easily.