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This is awesome. As someone who samples hella music, I'm glad I don't have to use vid2mp3 anymore.
Matt Cogenli@mattcogenli · Broadcast Professional, Project Manager
Love the simplicity, congrats on the launch!
Neal Shyam@nealrs · Full Stack Weirdo
@mattai - will you be adding a webrtc frontend to record audio direct from the browser (with a way to post it to a webhook)!? Because then this would be -really- valuable. So far, this seems like a front-end to youtube-dl.
MattaiMaker@mattai · Web Developer
@nealrs Most likely not but I'll definitely look in to it! It may seem like a front-end to youtube-dl but in fact youtube-dl isn't in use at all here. Instead I created my own "extractors" which lead to 10 times+ performance & speed improvements. It's also got many extra features you'll find nowhere else such as: metadata detection, silence trimming, audio normalisation etc.. Thanks for showing an interest though I really do appreciate it!
Steven Jacobs@stevenjacobs_ · Founder @edmsauce
Does this pull at 128 bitrate or what the song/video was uploaded at?
MattaiMaker@mattai · Web Developer
@stevenjacobs_ Two of the three currently supported sites have a maximum streaming bitrate of 128kbps. Youtube is set to first look for a 128kbps audio file although if this is not found it'll end up looking higher (up to the max of 256kbps) before lower - so you'll occasionally get lucky! This is done to save resources converting which I may change in the future once I get a more capable server.
Jose Pino@jofpin · Founder at Boxug / Security researcher
Jose Pino@jofpin · Founder at Boxug / Security researcher
I could help you add upgrades.