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#5 Product of the DayOctober 10, 2018

Airtame 2 is an essential wireless screen sharing product for business & education environments. You can connect any computer or mobile to a screen or projector, plus showcase personalized digital signage when not actively presenting.

From the people behind Airtame 1, one of the most successful Indiegogo campaigns of all time.

  • Lars Jensen
    Lars JensenPartner at Scale Capital

    Latest wireless technology, good price point, cloud enabled


    Non really

    Our company has used the first generation of the product and loved it, looking forward to testing the new and more powerful product. Will buy for sure!

    Lars Jensen has used this product for one year.
  • Raminta Karčiauskienė
    Raminta KarčiauskienėProject manager at AscendXYZ

    Image quality - fantastic, design - smooth and minimalistic, very strong connection, genius solution with the magnet!


    None. Great job Airtame!

    Where do I start?! It's powerful. And I mean really powerful. That's what you want your screen sharing solution to be! Image quality and speed keeps me amazed!

    Raminta Karčiauskienė has used this product for one week.
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Brian Kyed
Brian KyedMaker@brian_kyed · CPO & Co-founder at Airtame
Hi Product Hunters! Thanks to @chrismessina for featuring us. So cool to have the inventor of the #hashtag loving our new product. I am Brian, CPO& Co-founder here at Airtame. We are so happy to share Airtame 2 with you, and a little bit more about the journey we have been on to get to this point. We started in 2014 with a record-breaking Indiegogo campaign. It was clear we were fixing a common problem - the nuisance of cables. Since then, we have shipped over 100k first generation devices, and hopefully, introduce a bit more flow (and a lot less clutter) in business and education environments. In that time, we received lots of valuable feedback from customers about how they wanted to use screens better. To turn them into more active ways of fostering collaboration and participation in professional and classroom environments. To unlock this powerful new goal, we needed a powerful new version of our hardware. Airtame 2 is more powerful and robust, plus should run a whole lot smoother and faster. Today we are excited to share our journey with you and show you what we’ve built! We’d love to hear your honest feedback. Along with this Product Hunt launch, you can go and pre-order your Airtame 2s directly from our website We intend to ship the first batch of Airtame 2s in late October 2018. Thanks for reading, upvoting and all the love we have received so far around Airtame 2. Best, Brian - and the entire Airtame team.
nicknow@nicknow · Nicolas Nowinski
@chrismessina @brian_kyed Looks awesome, can't wait for it to ship! Quick marketing suggestion: The video needs to do more to explain the Airtame value proposition (i.e., why you want an Airtame in the first place.) For people like me, who have followed the product for a while now that isn't necessary but for many potential consumers (who don't know the original Airtame) this won't be obvious. Watching the video - without Airtame context - you would think the primary value is in digital signage, which is only one part of the overall value proposition. And this makes it hard to share the videos with other people - because I would need to share two videos.
Joakim Thomsen
Joakim Thomsen@thedanishguy · I'm just into UX and Tech. Thats it.
Huge props to the hardware+design team, matte black + scandinavian simplicity and soo smooth to the touch! #matteblack #design #goteam
Nicolai Lønne
Nicolai Lønne@nicolai_loenne
I love my Airtame1 and from the trials I've had with V2 it seems like they've taken "perfect" and managed to improve it. Get it if you ever need to share your screen on to a TV
Janni Pedersen
Janni Pedersen@jannipedersen · Head of Growth Marketing
What's the specific difference between Airtame 1 and Airtame 2?
Simone Hjorth
Simone Hjorth@simone_hjorth · Writer Wizz @Airtame
@jannipedersen Hi Janni. Take a look at this comparison article on Airtame 1 vs Airtame 2:
Brian Kyed
Brian KyedMaker@brian_kyed · CPO & Co-founder at Airtame
@jannipedersen Haha. Obvious question. Thanks! :) There's a lot of nice differences between the two. Have a look at this comparison we did between the two products:
Neil S W Murray
Neil S W Murray@neilswmurray · European tech journalist.
Early user, early supporter, love seeing the continual progress, great job!
Steffen Hedebrandt
Steffen HedebrandtMaker@steffen_hedebrandt · Passionate Marketer
@neilswmurray Thanks a lot, Neil - It's been a long, hard and exciting journey so far. Thanks for the initial support. A lot more good stuff to come from us!