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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 28, 2017

Airtable Universe is a new kind of publishing platform from Airtable. Anybody can publish the workflows that help them run their businesses, organize their lives, or pursue their passions.

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Hey ProductHunt! Thanks to @hnshah for hunting us! Open source in software is easy - just clone a GitHub repository and get started. But what about for everyone else? Here at Airtable, we think that everyone should be able to build powerful software workflows that help them run their businesses, organize their lives, and pursue their passions. Likewise, we see the incredible potential of open source to enable these creators to spread their knowledge and expertise to the rest of the world. Today, we're launching Airtable Universe ( to bring open source to everyone - not just developers. Hundreds of technical and non-technical creators have already published the workflows that run their businesses, like: -The one-of-a-kind UX research system WeWork's Tomer Sharon invented to build the $20B brand: -The project management system that Sandwich Video uses to get ads from pitch to production to the Super Bowl: -The digital media calendar Singularity University uses to manage its entire content operation: On Airtable Universe, you can dive into the minute details and explore how these creators structure and organize all of the important moving pieces of their life's work. Now, anyone can click, copy, and start running their own version of these, and hundreds more, immediately. Just head over and start exploring (! Thanks again! Andrew Cofounder, CPO @ Airtable
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@hnshah @airtable @aofstad this is awesome. I've been using a lot of Airtable features to help me build quick MVPs and it seems to be catching on. Great to see a number of others here too!
@bentossell Thanks! If you have any interesting bases you're ready to share with the world, we'd love to have you publish on Universe :)
@aofstad How'd this come about? (Seems like a natural output from a PM deep dive into usage - curious if that's the origin story?)
@hnshah @airtable @aofstad Thanks so much for the Singularity University shout out! We've been using Airtable for for a year or so and it's changed the way we function as an editorial team. I can't tell you what a difference it's made for us. 🙏🏻
@shloky Great question! The idea for Universe came about pretty organically actually. On the publishing side, we'd regularly come across customers who were incredibly excited about the bases they'd built in Airtable and were eager to share with the world. For a lot of them, these bases encoded the detailed processes they'd designed that enabled them to excel at what they do. For others, it gave a powerful and flexible way to present ideas and information that paired a high level narrative with detailed data that you could dive into. In both cases, Airtable allowed them to express some knowledge that would have been hard in a flat blogpost or unstructured format. So we had a pretty strong signal from our users who were eager to share their expertise to the world through their bases. On the consumption side, it's inspiring to see how others in your community do things, and to explore the information that others have put a lot of time and expertise into. For example, if you're trying to figure out how to run a major event (like Electric Daisy Carnival, it can be incredibly valuable to see the specific process that has been invented by another team. As with open source software, you shouldn't always have to reinvent the wheel. So Universe gives you the ability to explore these highly specific use cases and datasets and fork them for your own use.
I've been following this product and team for a while now. Airtable is a super flexible product, you can use it to do almost anything. They just keep making the product better and better. With today's launch of Airtable Universe, users can publish their Airtable creations, and anybody else can easily copy and start running their own version of it for themselves. I'm looking forward to watching Airtable Universe grow and learning about all the different use cases directly from Airtable's users.
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Love Airtable. I've been using it to hack together a "personal CRM". I meant to publish the template I'm using but have been caught up with work stuff. Will do this weekend perhaps! :)
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@rrhoover Thank you! I know @edavidpeterson will be excited :)
@rrhoover please do. I just downloaded @aofstad - I was in early adoption but didn't use, but now, this looks much more simplified :)

I absolutely adore the Airtable product. It's lightyears ahead of a classic spreadsheet for organizing any kind of content or workflow. I use it for both personal records and in the workplace, and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful it can be. Hopefully Universe can unlock the creativity of all the people who use Airtable so we can all benefit!


Airtable was already a brilliant, creative product. Now you can see all the other creative adaptations of it!


Inevitably, there's a lot of duplicate use cases, but then again, everyone has a different approach to similar problems.

I love Airtable with all of my being and Universe makes it even more powerful & accessible. We created a sharable template in Universe a few months ago for SaaS testimonials:
@shpigford Thanks for the enthusiasm and your contribution to Universe!