Airtable Universe

Real workflows from real people


Airtable Universe is a new kind of publishing platform from Airtable. Anybody can publish the workflows that help them run their businesses, organize their lives, or pursue their passions.

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  • Cole Kennedy
    Cole KennedyContent Strategist & Copywriter

    Airtable was already a brilliant, creative product. Now you can see all the other creative adaptations of it!


    Inevitably, there's a lot of duplicate use cases, but then again, everyone has a different approach to similar problems.

    I absolutely adore the Airtable product. It's lightyears ahead of a classic spreadsheet for organizing any kind of content or workflow. I use it for both personal records and in the workplace, and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful it can be. Hopefully Universe can unlock the creativity of all the people who use Airtable so we can all benefit!

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  • Adam Dachis
    Adam DachisFounder, Awkward Human

    Such a cool series of demonstrations of a really killer, versatile platform. It's one of those things you don't yet realize you'll love. :)


    Might be nice if all those nice spreadsheets that keep popping up on Product Hunt got migrated to AT? Just a thought.

    I mean, go try it. :) It's free to check out and picking a post on there that seems interesting to you will be a lot more fun than reading some dumb opinion I have. Let me put it this way: it's much easier to see all the amazing things you can do with data when you get to choose a topic you like. (But if you like Bowie scroll down a bit for a treat.)

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  • Ryan Chin
    Ryan ChinPrivate Equity

    Essentially free mentorship by being able to see how others organise their lives


    A lot of overly similar usecases

    Being able to see how others organise their lives can be somewhat empowering and enlightening. It's really important for us to draw inspiration from others- and Airtable sees that.

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