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I use regularly Airtable and it's a really cool product. But there are two points you could improve: - create a way to remove duplicates (please !!!!!) - and allow to configure the "phone" column with an phone numbers abroad
Would love to get @kasrak to jump in and answer some questions. H/t https://medium.com/@kasrak/putti...
@kasrak What use cases are you seeing being used that you wouldn't have thought would be popular?
@blendahtom We get emails from people using Airtable in ways that surprise us pretty much every day. A couple off the top of my head: - A group of parents who homeschool use it to plan and share their lesson plans. - A cattle rancher uses it keep track of his cows. He used to use software built specifically for keeping track of cattle, but he likes his Airtable version more because it works exactly the way he wants it to. - A veterinary clinic uses Airtable to keep track of their patients (the animal use cases really stick with me for some reason :P)
This is a great idea that is very well executed. Using it to organize the book I'll probably never get around to writing. But damned if it isn't organized.