A Free, Automated Personal Assistant Built Just For You.

Gonna break it down, based on how I felt at each stage of discovery: - Read the Product Hunt tagline: "Holy shit yes" (I have this reaction every time I see a new potential personal assistant service because it is a huge pain point for me, and I will never burn out on ones that fail because I know eventually someone is going to nail this problem) - Read the tagline on the site: "Yep same thing I just read on Product Hunt, awesome" - Read the features on the home page: "Huh, is that it? Those sound valuable but... is there not more? There's got to be more right? *dug around, didn't find more* 'Automated assistant' feels a bit overblown for package and flight tracking... 'consumer data focused tools, analytics, and intelligence' feels quite overblown. But OK I'll try it anyway because I still have hope from the initial hype I felt from Product Hunt" Signing up anyway because *fingers crossed* the product does more than the minimal amount (of still useful help) listed on the home page. And either way if it does those few things well that could be big for me. I'll try to remember to check back in with thoughts after using.
Welp, checking back in already. Just signed up and now I see "You're in line,! We'll email you as soon as your Beta preview of Airseed is ready!" on the site. Feel a bit bait-and-switched because the expectation was never set that this was a beta invite process. I was really expecting to use the product. And now I've handed over access to my Gmail account (rather than just adding my email to an invite list) for that. Feeling a bit bummed. But trying to remain optimistic that this product will be helpful. (Thanks @_jacksmith for posting.)
Love the play-by-play, @thetylerhayes. You exemplify how important micro-copy can be. On a related note (and not to derail the conversation), I've been thinking about tagging products as (1) pre-launch, (2) launched, and (3) updated (diction, TBD) to better set expectations before clicking through.
Niiiice. Could be useful, and sounds like the perfect A/B test
@thetylerhayes I also hate when there is no clear indication of a pre-launch product and they are just trying to get my email address. Even worse that 99% of the time the company doesn't even follow up. And the 1% that do email me to no end about irrelevant things (We just launched in X! ... well too bad I'm in Y).