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@rrhoover AirPair's founder, @hackerpreneur, wrote a post on that topic: One of the defining traits of the internal culture at AirPair is "validation before building," and we often do things manually for a little while before putting in the effort to automate any new processes. This is different from discouraging people to try unproven ideas; it just means that the manual approach is often good enough to validate anything, and that it's quicker this way to get things off the ground, and also kill them if needed. @jkresner deserves all the credit for this approach.
Neat! It's kind of like Clarity for engineering talent. Perhaps they should partner with ( posted by @leemunroe or PaidCodeReview ( posted by @derwiki
Hi, I am Igor from AirPair's founding team. Would love to hear any feedback, questions, or suggestions. Thanks!
Hey @ilebovic! Welcome. I'm curious what you did to measure demand and viability of AirPair at the beginning.
I'm very bullish on this space (for obvious reasons). I think that AirPair's initial focus is great and hopefully they will be able to translate their success to a bigger audience through additional verticals. The concern here is that breaking out of the early-adopter tech crowd can be more difficult that people expect. Maybe it'll be a game of baby steps into other industries? Excited to see how the space develops either way.