Earn money while flying by selling excess luggage allowance.


Airmule is the world's largest on-board courier platform. Our travelers earn money during their flights by selling most or all of their excess luggage allowance.

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David Ackermann
Juho S
Walid Ark
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  • Pros: 

    Cheap flights


    risk of going to jail for drug trafficking

    You are solely responsible of what you bring into a country. If this happens to contain illegal items - you're the one going to jail. Doesn't matter how good your screening is - it is never worth the risk.

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  • Davis Baer
    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp

    Makes traveling cheaper


    Wish they were operating in more airports

    Very cool idea, and looks like it is well executed based on their Facebook reviews

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  • Juho S
    Juho SAll great roads go through PH

    Good looking UI


    sign-up form has a bug: doesn't allow to proceed if there's a dot between first and last name

    Would like to see more clearly the differentiation to another operator in the market; Grabr

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  • Daniel Li
    Daniel LiFullstack JavaScript Developer

    Good idea


    I tried signing up but the mobile code was received 30 minutes later

    Not sure how it's going to work at scale, as it requires staff at the airports, so can only start with the popular airports first.

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  • Pros: 

    Definitely would love to use


    Not in Chicago airports :(

    Hoping to see Airmule in O'Hare soon

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