Airmail 2.0

Designed for Yosemite with lightning fast performance

#3 Product of the DayOctober 17, 2014
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Was a big fan of Airmail but then started using Mailbox for Mac when the Beta was released and haven't looked back.
Been on the beta channel for a while, this a great app :)
I was hoping for a little more upgrade and a little less new-program-with-same-name, but I think it looks like a great fit with Yosemite design-wise. Not enough use to comment on whether or not it's an improved experience.
Assuming this will be seeing a bit of traction this week due to the death of Mailbox. We're working on getting a Snooze function added before Apple cuts for their Holiday break.
@zaccoffman this would convince me to stick with it. Also an iOS app. I've resulted to using Outlook for its speed and snoozing, but outlook OSX is a turd. I'd rather have an all in one. I suffered thru Mailbox's terrible OSX app simply for their iOS app. Airmail is world's beyond Mail app and Mailbox IMO. But without iOS, if Outlook makes changes to align with the app.......
@mayorrock iOS app is incoming as well. If you haven't yet, you can add your name to the iOS beta queue at
Airmail 2.0 is a beautiful email client for Mac that allows you to manage multiple accounts with ease.
@erictwillis how is it better than macmail?
@jleebiz There is an article in the related links section that discusses some of the differences which may make it better in some ways. I've invited the Airmail team here as well. Maybe they will chime in.
@erictwillis @jleebiz Hey, I'm actually a part of their support team, so I'll act as a spokesperson. One way I'd say it's better than the default Mail app is that it works. In my personal use I feel it's not only faster but cleaner, especially on 2.0
@zaccoffman wait, what? Because it works? Look, I'm an Airmail user. I could sing its praises. But it doesn't make sense that someone who does support for it can only say it is better because "it works". "works".
@f I agree, my answer was quite short. I feel Airmail provides the best experiencing in handling email than any other client. Our streamlined unified inbox is presented in such a clean way that email doesn't feel like a chore. The real selling point is the speed, I don't know others' opinion on email, but the faster I can open read + reply, the happier I am, Airmail blazes for me through my 6+ accounts (all with 10k plus emails). Hopefully that clears up a little more than my previous "it works" statement.