Cheap flights for digital nomads

Airmadic was built for the nomadic travelers of this age. From Freelancers to backpackers we created a platform to give you back your freedom and spread your wings. Literally. Find cheap flights anywhere.
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Hello Fellow PHer's, This is my first app, not my first app design but, my first app launched.(Appception) After running a successful design agency for a few years and creating beautiful mobile products. I had to get my hands wet with my own app. I traveled to Europe spent 10 days going with the wind and thinking I was living the life of a real backpacker. Then I saw a massive chunk of my savings gone after taking so many flights having no idea what I was doing. I decided to create my own solution to traveling on a budget. I created beautiful designs and sent them off to a developer to get this coded in a few weeks...... IT ALL WENT BAD.... We ran into so many issues from old API documentation to losing my only developer. I went from zero development knowledge to building my own react components to learn how this all works. Anyways enough with the sob story. Here I am, excited to hear your feedback. And don't take it easy, I'm a designer first product owner second. I know the best feedback is from a real user. I want this app to be a wireframe for the future product, from iterating on current features to scratching and restarting from fresh. Let me know what you guys think! P.S . I still have many features to launch but like everybody says, launch earlier and see what your users really want.
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Hey @rawdriguez - having some issues using the app. The backend provider - - grossly over charged me. What's the best way to resolve this?
@jonathan_daly2 Hey Jonathan, what was the cost compared to Kiwi?
@rawdriguez hey Adrian! First, Happy Thanksgiving. Second, thank you for responding (you have no idea how much I appreciate it). Re: your question - it was an $1100 difference. Can send you the screenshots of what the app said and what was charged if you message me. App quoted $482; Kiwi charged $1578 - literally triple the price. What's worse, they're being wholly unhelpful about the whole thing. I'm gonna fly tomorrow regardless, and wage the war with them when I get back from Toronto. Any tips/guidance/encouragement you can share would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks. JD
@jonathan_daly2 Haha Happy thanksgiving brother! Woah! Thats insane. What day was it booked so I can look it up and speak with an account manager from kiwi?
@rawdriguez Thank you so much! It was booked this AM around 9:46 AM. I've been going back and forth with them all day. The booking number Kiwi gave me for reference was 91730529
Guys, sorry for the inconvenience we know there is a nasty bug that makes the app crash during a search. We're working to get it fixed
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@rawdriguez while you’re at it, can you please fix the inability to change the currency too? Even though I’ve switched it to EUR, it keeps showing me prices in USD even after restarting the app. Other than that, looks great! I really appreciate the transparency regarding the layovers and how simple it is to see how much time you’ll have to explore a city. Recommendations on things to do during the lay over will be a killer feature! Along with the ability to create rough itineraries and todo lists inside the app.
@anna_0x Hey, I'm glad you mentioned the currency issue. Right now I'm running a Feedback survey which I would great appreciate if you fill it out to get an idea what to build next. I launched earlier than I was supposed to but I guess that was a good thing lol! this is the typeform for your feedback which I greatly appreciate.
Hi Adrian, Congrats on your launch! Love the design, I just booked a flight to NYC. I have never seen such prices this affordable! Great job!
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Awesome design and concept. Will definetly be trying this out.
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@misternyce Thanks! make sure to let me know of any bugs or feedback!
Just got my flight from Houston to Miami and I got a way better rate then the apps I used to use. Great design and much easier to navigate. Definitely worth the 5 star rating.
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