Get paid when you're delayed!

#1 Product of the WeekMarch 06, 2014

If your flight was delayed, canceled or overbooked you could get up to $680!

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Wow - way to spot a MEGA opportunity that no one else was looking at!
We started airhelp because we were really frustrated by what we were experiencing. Endless hours spent waiting in airports, and an uphill battle if you tried to get any help from the airline. This lead us to do some research to try and figure out what our rights were. What we discovered was pretty eye opening. There are laws that protect passengers and obligate airlines to provide care and pay their customers if the flight was delayed, cancelled or over booked. Needless to say, what we also found was that, asserting your legal right, was an extremely time consuming and sisyphean task. For this reason we wanted to create a solution that made it easy to claim compensation without all the hassle. In short, making flight disruptions suck less. We've got a lot of new stuff coming out shortly.
Simple USP, Clean CTA's. Are there any public data feeds you could tap into to find regularly overbooked routes? I wonder if the airports would even let you advertise this physically on-site. Hmm. Perhaps scrape the #fuuu hash on Twitter... or run mobile-ads specifically in area-codes with airports.
Great idea, sounds awesome for the EU, but they only cover overbookings for domestic US flights (airlines are not obligated to compensate you for cancellations, mechanical delays, etc. in the US).
Yeah, I was wondering that @ryanajon1 - I'd like the site to show me proof that this is something the airlines are required to compensate for...