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AirGlow is an insta video editor, that transforms video into a sharing experience. You can retouch your videos in real time, add as many filters as you want and share it on Instagram Stories, very easily.
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Hello everyone at Product Hunt community! 👋🐈🚀 Benben from the AirGlow team here. I just wanted to drop in, introduce myself, and share why we started AirGlow. 😫The Problem Honestly, there have been a thousand video apps in the market that help people create stunning beautiful stories, but constantly as a girl, I still feel that these cameras are failing me in that I don’t look the way I am when being in the camera - the camera ALWAYS adds some non-existing pounds to my face and body 🙄 🧐The Idea I love how I look, and I’m proud of how I look, yet the iPhone camera sometimes makes my sudden pimples or my occasional sunburnt mark look extra obvious... So I want to make something to help create stories where I look like the real me and feel confident - 🛠The Solution *When the phone camera fails to capture the true beautiful you, we’re here to help.* - You can smooth your skin and even thin/enlarge it with our state of the art retouching algorithm; - You can create videos, with your own personal touch, and publish anywhere; - In our filter gallery, you can add filters to correct redness or to add earthy undertones. We want to create the easiest story camera in the market. We hope that with AirGlow, you no longer need to worry about any extra obvious blemishes, occasional sunburnt marks, or non-existent extra pounds, because we will fix all of them in real-time as you capture your moments! Me and my team are super excited to be on Product Hunt today, and we are eager to hear your thoughts. We're always looking to improve the storytelling experience, so let us know what you think!
In reply to this comment made by the maker: > "camera always adds 10 pounds" -- I meant I always look chubbier than what I look like IRL (many girls would probably relate 😂), and this app trims down those non-existing extra pounds so that I'm sculpted back to me IRL :-) I wonder why thin people never complain about the camera making them look chubbier. Also wondering how it is that "many girls would probably relate" but not guys (apparently video cameras are sexist.) Could it perhaps be that chubby people are used to the way they look in real like and only notice those "non-existing extra pounds" when they watch a video of themselves? 🤔 In all seriousness, the camera actually does NOT add 10 pounds, or any pounds for that matter. If you're not happy with the way you look on video, don't blame the camera (obviously excluding cases where the lens literally distorts everything—not just faces.) I've got nothing against apps that add filters to videos, but the premise behind this one seems misguided. In my opinion, the maker(s) should have a serious conversation with themselves about their self-image and how they want people to address their issues. "I look chubby but it's not my fault. It's the camera, so let's use a filter" is not the right attitude. Not that being chubby in and of itself is necessarily a bad thing. But if someone does not want to look like that, yet blames cameras instead of facing reality, then we have a problem.
@anna_0x I agree that these sorts of apps are misguided and potentially harmful. But as a photographer, the focal length of selfies alone do make you look different than how you appear in a mirror or in person. One of many causes of body dysmorphia in the modern age...
@tombielecki you're right but it's mainly a fisheye kind of distortion where the parts of the picture that are closer to the edges get stretched (I'm not a photographer but I guess you understand what I mean!) It's definitely not the case that cameras make people look "chubby." I'm a sucker for live AR filters but blaming cameras for perceived flaws that exist in real life (e.g. I'm not chubby! It's just that every camera that's ever taken pictures of me makes me look like that) is just not healthy... 😔
I'm confused about the relation between weight gain and what this app does. Does it make you skinnier? Also your strapline says 10lbs and your intro message says 5lbs. Which is it?
@mickc79 Hi there, thanks for pointing that out! Updated the intro to be consistent (I wrote them at different times). As for weight gain, by "camera always adds 10 pounds" I meant I always look chubbier than what I look like IRL (i.e. in the mirror), and this app trims down those non-existing extra pounds :-)
@evekana Fair enough. Your intro doesn't make that clear.
@evekana Just to be extra clear on that. Your problem statement specifically states the camera adds non-existent extra pounds. Your solution statement however doesn't address this in anyway. It's very abstract. You should state in your solution statement that you remove the excess pounds and how that is achieved.
@mickc79 Will do, thanks for the tips!
Great Idea
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! What's so unique about it and what do you plan to do next with the app in terms of future releases of the app
@ayushchandra Hi Ayush, thanks for the support! For AirGlow, I want to make it super simple to use, a.k.a. you capture the video while adding in filters and retouching effects in real-time, so once you finish recording, it's ready to be shared - no more video editing and after effect needed!