Airbeam TV

The easiest way to mirror your Mac screen to your Smart TV

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How is this different to SofaPlay, Beamer or Apple's own Airplay — apart from price and needing to purchase an individual app for each brand?
@tomflemming did you check the product out at all? This is a $10 app vs an Apple TV or a chrome cast that run at $90 minimum.
@andreasduess @tomflemming Chrome cast doesn't cost $90...
@realdeanward yeah and most of the stuff online can be done via a free app
I gave this a try and it's underwhelming. It's a novel approach to the problem but it's very hacky and even more flakey.
@realdeanward The 2 star rating on the App store doesn't help its case either. There are so many mirroring apps I don't see why we need another one.
@rhdarian @realdeanward I'm not a big fan of mirroring. I'd rather the capability be dual.
@thejoshuaday @rhdarian I agree! 90% of the time dual would be more useful.
Individual app for each brand... Humm...
Unbelievably laggy. Nowhere close to airplay or chromecast quality but itll do in a pinch
@benjaminefox Must have to do with the frequency the app uses to transmit data?
@thejoshuaday ultimately it doesn't matter. If it's that laggy it's unusable for anything except maybe watching a movie
website already crashed! seems like getting lots of sales today